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Cedar Bluebird Feeder – Birds Choice WCBBF

Cedar Bluebird Feeder

#WCBBF : Bluebird Feeder. Multiple holes for easy access and escape from predators. Indentation for mealworms. Feed the bluebirds and keep other birds away with this unique feeder.

Provide mealworms for your precious bluebirds without feeding them to the other birds with this feeder. Open the roof to put the mealworms in a grooved bottom section. Watch the bluebirds hop into the side holes or one of the four holes machined in the plexy to get their daily ration of mealworms. The holes are specially sized for bluebirds.

  • 7/8″ Natural Cedar
  • Two holes in the wood and two holes in the plexy on each side for easy access and escape from predators
  • Fully routed edges
  • Continuous aluminum hinges
  • all screwed construction using weather-resistant plated deck screws
  • Heavy duty acrylic panels
  • Made in the USA by Birds Choice

OUR PRICE $43.95   



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