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Copper Oriole Feeder – Single Cup / Double Fruit – Birds Choice CSCDF Orange


#CSCDF-ORANGE – Copper feeder with single cup and double fruit. USA manufactured copper oriole feeders. Orange scalloped cup holds a good quantity of jelly or can be used for other bird food such as mealworms, peanuts, suet pellets.

Great decorative feeder for your yard, making you and your birds happy. This is a neat little feeder attracts orioles. Single fruit cup for jelly and colied copper double fruit sections for oranges. You can also use the cup for mealworms or any other treat that you want to feed to your favorite birds in your yard!

  • Decorative copper feeder
  • Single orange decorative cup for jelly, mealworms or suet nuggets
  • Double coiled sections for halves of oranges
  • Enjoyed by the orioles and yourself
  • Made in the USA

OUR PRICE $34.95



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