Aspen Song Nyjer Seed 25lb, 10lb, and 3lb

Nyjer® Seed
Attracts a Variety of Finches & More. A Finch Magnet! Offer in a Nyjer® Feeder Made Specifically for these Tiny Seeds.

Nyjer® Seed IS:
* An oilseed crop that is cultivated in Ethiopia, India, Myanmar and Nepal; a small portion of the harvest is imported to North America for use in bird food.
* Heat sterilized upon delivery to the United States to assure no weed seeds remain viable. This treatment does not affect the nutritive value or palatability.

Nyjer® Seed IS NOT:
* An invasive plant; while a few seeds may sprout a yellow, daisy-like flowering plant, the climate in North America is not suitable for its spread; simply remove the plant.
* Thistle Seed (Cirsium avense). This native plant with pink ball-shaped flowers is a noxious weed that is a bane to farmers.

What’s the Right Bird Food To Use?
Nyjer® Seed is a magnet for attracting American Goldfinch, Purple Finch, House Finch, Pine Siskin, and Common Redpoll. While the price seems high, there are over 100,000 seeds in each pound. When dispensed through a Nyjer® feeder, with tiny seed ports, the price per finch visit is very economical.

Start feeding the birds anytime and keep feeding year round. Natural food supplies are at their lowest in the spring. Spring brings exciting migrants. Summer feeding provides nutrition during breeding and nesting season. Enjoy seeing parents bring their young to your feeders. Fall and winter feeding is especially helpful during periods of cold and snow.

“Guizotia abyssinica”/niger

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein (min): 15.0%
Fat (min): 25.0%
Fiber (max): 25.0%