Aspen Song Ultimate Blend 40lb, 20lb, and 4lb

Ultimate Blend
Contains Over 60% Sunflowers & Nut Meats; For Those Who Prefer No Corn; 100% Premium Ingredients; Attracts a Variety of Songbirds; No Filler Seeds. Ingredients: Black Oil Sunflower, White Proso Millet, Black Stripe Sunflower, Peanuts, Sunflower Kernels, Safflower, Tree Nuts (may include: Pistachios, Almonds, Cashews, Pecans), Shelled Pumpkin Seeds. What’s the Right Bird Food To Use? Aspen Song® Ultimate Blend is a rich mixture of the preferred seeds of backyard birds. It contains over 45% sunflower products and over 15% nut products. Ultimate Blend is formulated to attract the favorite feeder visitors and will keep them coming back for more. Who Will Show Up at the Feeder? The white proso millet will attract finches and native sparrows. Safflower and stripe sunflower will appeal to the grosbeaks and cardinals. Nutmeats are a sure magnet for the arboreal species including the woodpecker family. What’s the Best Feeder To Use? Many different types of feeders will work including tube-style, hopper, and platform feeders. Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (min) 17.5% Fat (min) 22.9% Fiber (max) 17.3%