Bird’s Choice Suet Feeder / Single Cake Upside-down


This listing is for another awesome Birds Choice product, the Recycled, Single Cake, Upside-Down Suet Feeder. Only your upside-down suet lovers (Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, etc.) will be able to join in the feeding frenzy. No Starlings or Grackles, and Squirrels aren’t fond of it either. This is the SNUD model, taupe base with green roof. Built to last, you’ll have this feeder for a long, long time. 

It measures 9″L x 8″W x 4″H (10-1/2″ w/cable).
Suet is a quick source of heat and energy for birds.
Suet attracts a variety of birds.
Constructed of 5/8″ poly-lumber made from (14) recycled milk jugs and plastic bottles.
Stainless steel screws.
Vinyl-coated, welded wire mesh.
Lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or rot. (This poly-lumber is amazing stuff.)
Made in the USA.
Honey Creek Bill and Beak is an Authorized Birds Choice Dealer located in central PA.
Thanks for looking.

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