Ellipse Bird Home Orange – Byer of Maine – $39.95

The Byer of Maine Ellipse Bird House’s unique design will add flair to your garden while providing a safe place for songbirds away from the harassment of larger birds. Designed specifically with small birds in mind, your chickadees, wrens, and other small birds will love this weather-resistant mango wood home. Its deep design is perfect for raising young, and the small 1⅛” opening will make it difficult for larger birds like crows and jays from harassing and raiding the nest. It’s easy to maintain this bird home: just remove the back to clean out the old nesting material once the birds are finished with it. We recommend hanging this house in a shaded area. An additional forged steel hanging hook can be purchased from our storefront. The complete dimensions are 7”L x 7”W x 8”H.

  • Give small songbirds a haven to raise their young with this mango wood home. This bird home is specifically designed for small cavity nesters like chickadees, finches, wrens and nuthatches.
  • This home features an opening of 1⅛”, which is ideal for keeping them and their young safe from predation and harassment from larger birds.
  • It’s easy to clean this home once the birds are finished with it. Just remove the back and shake out the old nesting material. Replace the lid, and it’s ready for its new tenants.
  • Constructed from mango wood and kiln-dried, this birdhouse has been treated with high-quality polyurethane multi-coat finish to make it weather-resistant.
  • For ideal comfort and protection, it is recommended this birdhouse be hung in the shade.